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Learning from the art of the adult hookup

hadiya You would think that the adult hookup is pretty self-explanatory. After all the term does simply describe what goes on when people meet on anonymous online adult sex dating website. It’s all about hooking up. It’s all about identifying potential sex partners, getting in touch with them, sizing each other up, coming to an agreement and taking care of business. Pretty straightforward. No big mystery about it. However, if you really want to take your hookup game to the next level you really need to make a project of learning from each and every adult hookup you successfully engage in. It also pays to look into the lessons you can learn when things don’t work out. You see learning from any kind of experience requires at looking at success and failure. In fact, from my experience, failure is the better teacher. When you fail there is an emotional urgency to make sure that you don’t fail again. You’re given that extra push. Also when you fail the element that did not work out is easier to spot. This is not the case with success. Success is a lousy teacher because there might be many different elements that made you successful, but they cloud or obscure that one element that you need to work on. I hope you see where I’m coming from. You really need to look into learning from your adult hook up experiences so you can take your pussy-getting game to the next level. That’s how the game works. That’s how you become a master at the art of getting pussy and you will be the master of any FreeSexDating site for sure. And this awesome brunette date is a great start for any horny man!

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